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Tour to mountainous Tuva “Visit to reindeer herders of Todzha”

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February-March, 2020

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9 days
Date: February-March, 2020

Trip to reindeer herders of Todzha is a big scale tour, covering 2 regions: Krasnoyarsk region and Tuva republic. This tour introduces to us several cultures and ethnos: Siberians, Tuvinians of central part of Tuva and Todzha people from highlands of Tuva.

The Day of the Reindeer is a unique event that only happens once a year, where you can see the Reindeer herders bring together their herds from the entire region. For the Todzha people, it’s a matter of honor to participate in reindeer races and to demonstrate their hunting trophies. For us, explorers, it is an excellent chance to see the life of the Todhza people from within.

On our way we will see the most significant places of Krasnoyarsk region and Tuva. You will reach the center of Asia, in Kyzyl (the capital of Tuva). You will visit National Museum with famous “Gold of Scythians”. Gold decorations made more than 10 centuries ago still fascinate with intricacy of the patterns and accuracy of work.

In Aldyn-Boolak we will go through Heaven’s Gate of Shambala, will learn why the Khans chose that place for their camp and will see the cult symbol “Ovaa Khoomeya”, golden arrow aiming to the sky. Snow-led highland tundra, breath-taking views of Eastern Sayans mountain range, Siberia taiga and winter steppe are waiting for us.

Vast, snowy mountains of tundra, unbelievable views of Eastern Sayan, unspoiled wilderness and intoxicating aromas of taiga – all of this you can experience in Todzha, in the picturesque northern region of Tuva. The Day of the Reindeer is a unique event that only happens once a year, where you can see the Reindeer herders bring together their herds from the entire region. For the Todzha people, it’s a matter of honor to participate in reindeer races and to demonstrate their hunting trophies. For us, explorers, it is an excellent chance to see the life of the Todhza people from within.


Krasnoyarsk Region and Tuva Republic

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Transfer is made by specially prepared SUV/ 4WD: GAZ-Sable and UAZ-Patriot. Cars are geared up for Siberia, taiga and challenging roads.


Medical conditions: Planning this trip, the tourist should take into account following factors:

  • Long drives

  • Part of that expeditional route goes at the altitude of 2000 m above sea level.

  • Walking/ trekking is possible along the road.

People with health conditions are recommended to consult with the doctors.

Physical fit: no special sport fitness is required.

Participation of children: from 12 years old accompanied by parents or other official representatives.


Program by day

Day 1

On a specially prepared off-road vehicle we set off from Krasnoyarsk towards the village of Shushensky (486 km, about 6 hours drive). On the way, lunch in a cafe. Shushenskoye village is famous not only for the fact that Vladimir Lenin lived here in exile. This is a real open-air museum reserve. "Shushenskoye" is a preserved and reconstructed Siberian village, as it was at the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries, a unique complex consisting of 29 houses. The living conditions of Siberians were recreated in the huts and on estates, the main occupations of the peasants were reflected, their crafts and handlooms were shown. Walking tour of the village - an open-air museum. Walking around Shushensky you will see how the poor and rich peasants lived, what a “house with a mezzanine” was, how a village prison and a beer house were arranged, what was sold in a shop. Accommodation. Rest.

Day 2 Discovery of Tuva

reakfast. Transfer "Shushenskoye" - Aldyn-Bulak ethnocultural complex (Tuva Republic) - 37 km (about 6 hours). Arrival. Accommodation in comfortable yurts. Lunch. Tour around the complex. You will pass through the heavenly gates of Shambhala, find out why the khans chose this place for their residence and see the iconic symbol “Ovaa Khomeya”, a golden arrow directed towards the sky. Transfer to Kyzyl (50 km, about 1 hour.). Visit to the National Museum. You will see the famous “Gold of Scythians”, the discovery of which, in 2001, has changed theory about the history of Scythians.. Gold decorations made more than 10 centuries ago will still fascinate you with the intricacy of the patterns and accuracy of work. Walk to the geographical center of Asia, the obelisk on the embankment of Kyzyl. Inspection of the sculptural composition “Royal Hunt”, which received the Pietrasanta and Versilia Prize in Italy in 2013. Return to Aldyn-Bulak. Dinner. Rest.

Day 3 To mountainous Todzha

Breakfast. Transfer Aldyn-Bulak - Toora-Khem. Toora-Khem - the administrative center of the most inaccessible region of Tuva - Togi. “If you haven’t seen Todzha, you haven’t seen real Tuva,” the locals say. Todzha is a picturesque region of the alpine tundra in the north-east of the republic. Getting there is quite not easy. From Kyzyl - a little less than 300 km along mountain serpentines. On the way you will see the handsome Biy-Khem (Big Yenisei) river. In winter, you can drive along the winter road - a frozen river bed. On the way we will stop for lunch in the Tuvan yurt in the Tsar Valley. You will taste the the national cuisine. Arrival at the forest lodge in the Toora-Hem area. Accommodation.

Day 4 Reindeer Herders’ Day

Breakfast. We celebrate the Day of the reindeer herder in Toora-Khem. Festival program: • getting to know the life, traditions and typical cuisine of Todzha reindeer herders • demonstration of traditional crafts of this highland region • exhibition of hunting trophies • competition for speed saddling and pulling a deer • The most spectacular part of the holiday – reindeer races. Return to the lodge. Rest.

Day 5 Azas Nature Reserve and the Khamsara River

Breakfast. Transfer Toora-Hem - Azas Nature Reserve (Hamsara River). Stops in picturesque mountainous places, panoramic views of the Eastern Sayan mountains. Azas Nature Reserve is a special place of mountainous Tuva. Volcanoes and canyons, more than 100 crystal clear lakes and mountain rivers, steppe, meadows, swamps, tundra - all this can be seen here in Azas. The reserve has a unique species - Tuvan beaver, listed in the Red Book. Acquaintance with the reserve. Lunch (lunch boxes). Accommodation in wooden houses. Dinner. Free time.

Day 6

Breakfast. Immersion in the culture of reindeer herders. Excursion to the traditional hunt. Hunting. Ice fishing. Lunch, dinner are fire-cooked.

Day 7

Transfer Khamsara - Toora-Hem. Accommodation at the lodge in a picturesque place near the Biy-Khem River (Big Yenisei). Ice fishing on the river Biy-khem (Big Yenisei).

Day 8 Ergaki natural reserve.

Breakfast. Transfer Toora-Khem - Ergaki Nature Park (420km, about 8 hours). Ergaki nature attracts equally in summer and in winter. Here you will find unique mountain air and breath-taking view points. One view of the Sleeping Sayan, which really reminds sleeping person is worth. A legend is associated with this rock. There is a huge “Hanging stone” in Ergaki, which can be seen almost everywhere. It seems that this huge colossus is about to stagger and fly down into the Rainbow Lake. But no, no matter how much tourists try to move the stone, it holds firmly to the surface of the rock at the very edge. According to the legend, if a hanging stone falls, the Sleeping Sayan, a hero-rock, will wake up. Accommodation in the hotel. Free time. Dinner. Rest.

Day 9

Transfer Ergaki - Krasnoyarsk (622 km, about 8 hours). The end of the tour.

We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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