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Tungus Metheor

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June -September (depending on group complectation)

Possible tour dates:
  • 14.06.2020 - 19.06.2020
    Empty seats: 10
    2888 €
  • 05.07.2020 - 10.07.2020
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  • 12.07.2020 - 17.07.2020
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from 6 to 7 days
Date: June -September (depending on group complectation)
Vacancies: 10

You have a rare opportunity to touch an amazing mystery, which went down in history under the code name "Tunguska meteorite" and it is possible to participate in a survey of the territory, and if you are lucky, find artifacts.

The nature of the Tunguska phenomenon has not yet been uncovered. This is the only region on the globe that provides an opportunity to directly study the environmental consequences of space disasters.

Tunguska meteorite - it seems that everyone at least once, but came into contact with this mystery. “A large ball of fire flew over the territory of the Yenisei basin from southeast to northwest. The flight ended in an explosion at an altitude of 7-10 km above the uninhabited area of the taiga. The blast wave was recorded by observatories around the world, including in the Western Hemisphere. As a result of the explosion, trees were felled on the territory of more than 2000 km², the window panes in the houses were knocked out several hundred kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion. For several days in the territory from the Atlantic to central Siberia there was an intense glow of the sky and luminous clouds, ”- this phenomenon is described, the debate about which has not subsided so far.

But did you imagine that someday you would have the opportunity to visit the epicenter of the explosion, follow the paths of the discoverers of this phenomenon and visit the ethnographic museum located right in the middle of the taiga? We can provide you such an opportunity.

The proposed route is intended for tourists over the age of 17 years, with almost any training. The main thing is to be ready for a period of 12 days to communicate with wildlife (including hordes of mosquitoes), lack of comfort, and also have the desire to make many amazing discoveries


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Features of the route:

  • Accommodation in tents or on the cordons of the Tunguska Nature Reserve.
  • A group of no more than 10 people is accompanied by an inspector and guide.
  • The best season for the tour is the summer season from June to August.
  • Features of the climate during this period - a quick change of weather, an abundance of midges.
  • Depending on weather conditions, slight changes in the tour program are possible while maintaining the total volume.
Program by day

What will we see

Vanavara village - during the fall of the Tunguska meteorite there was a camp of Evenki hunters. The modern village was created in 1932. Now it houses the private museum of the Tunguska meteorite, founded in 1990 by the hunter Vitaly Innokentyevich Voronov, as well as the central estate of the Tunguska Reserve of the Podkamennaya River Tunguska and Chamba - we will pass them on a wooden boat with a motor. At local such boats are called "shitik". Kulik trail - we will walk 47 km along the path of the first explorers of the Tunguska meteorite on foot. The historical and ethnographic complex in the middle of the taiga is the old hut of Kulik, the Evenki plague, called “holomo”. Churgimsky waterfall - one of the attractions of the reserve. With rapid streams, it falls from a 10-meter height into a pond surrounded by colored rocks where you can swim. Climbing the slopes along the waterfall, you find yourself in a 150-meter stone canyon. Along the slope there is a path to Mount Kaskadnaya, which offers a magnificent view of the Churgim valley. Going further along the ridge to the east, you will see an open slope, which became so as a result of the disaster. Explosion epicenter - Scientists compare the energy of an explosion with the power of two thousand nuclear bombs, like Hiroshima. In a matter of seconds, a destructive whirlwind tumbled the forest within a radius of about 40 kilometers. This “dead forest” we can see during our trip. Mount Farrington - The highest and most beautiful peak over the Southern Swamp, Kulik named after his contemporary, American geologist, meteorite researcher - Oliver Cumming Farrington. Its height is 521.7 meters above sea level. For young researchers of the Tunguska meteorite working on an expedition, it was considered a good tradition, after a general gathering, to make a night climb to Mount Farrington and meet the sunrise there. A geodesic mark marks the top of the mountain, as well as a boulder with the inscription - '' Farrington. Astro Radio Point 1929 ''. Suslovskaya funnel - drained by Kulik and his workers, a 32-meter funnel located on the Northern peat bog. It was formed, according to researchers, in the year of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, but it was not possible to find the meteorite in it.

We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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