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Trekking tour “The places of Power and Legends of Siberia”

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12 days
Date: May-September

The best way to get to know Siberia is to feel it with your own feet, without the hustle and bustle. Breathe in the coniferous scents of the natural Stolby reserve and walk along the mountain paths in the Ergaki nature park. Feel the vastness of the Khakass steppes and see the ancient observatory. Find the “Path of ancestors” and find yourself in the Tuva semi-desert, on the very border with Mongolia, not to mention the bountiful fishing. This tour is intended for those who are not afraid of distances, for those who want to see Siberia not from the window of the sightseeing bus, but from within in all its grandeur. The tour is a balanced mix of auto-crossings on the specially prepared 4WD cars and comfortable walking routes. You will see the geographical centre of Asia and the famous “Gold of the Scythians”. You will also see Buddhist monasteries and ancient statues of soldiers, mountain trails of the national park Ergaki and taste Siberian dishes cooked on fire especially for you.






Yenisei Siberia - Krasnoyarsk Region, Khakassia Republic, Tuva Republic

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Program by day

Day 1

Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation in the forest lodge of the "Stolby" reserve. Trekking around the reserve. You will see syenite rocks, which, for thousands of years have been transformed by winds and precipitation into pieces of art. Many of them even have their own names: Grandfather, Grandma, Feathers and Chinese wall. Under the guidance of an experienced mountaineer, you can climb to the tops of some of these beautiful natural artworks and see the incredible panoramas of the taiga. Dinner in the forest lodge.

Dat 2

Departure to Khakassia on a specially prepared 4WD minibus. Visiting the "Chests", steep cliffs, which according to archaeologists, served the ancient inhabitants of these places as the observatory and the astrological sanctum. Exploration of rock paintings and petroglyphs, which are more than two thousand years old. Panorama of the Khakass steppe and ancient burial mounds. Trekking along the "Ancestral Path" route (4 km). The path goes along the rocky massif Togyz-Az (which means nine mouths in Khakass after the many grottos that line the river) and the side of the Belyi Iyus river. It is believed to have been a cult complex, that is why it is also called the "Shamans’ path". Overnight stay in a yurt camp in Efremkino village.

Day 3

Transfer Efremkino village – the forest lodge "Snow Leopard" (Khakassia). Accommodation in wooden houses made of cedar. Russian sauna “banya”.

Day 4

Transfer "Snow Leopard" lodge - Lake Tore-Hol. On the way we will visit the statue of the stone warrior, “Kizhi-Kozhea” in Khakass language. The warrior, with a vessel in his hands, is more than 1200 years old. At the Tuvan steppes and surrounds, there are about 200 such sculptures, originally used as objects of worship. The English explorer, Douglas Carruthers, noted that these stone figures were identical to “any colonel of the British Army, from the well combed, parted moustache, to the real military bearing”. Visit to the one of the largest and most famous Buddhist monasteries of Tuva Ustuu-Khuree in Chaadan town. Here the basis of the national alphabet was created, the first coin of the Tuva People's Republic was minted, and the annual international “Festival of live music and faith” is held. Arrival to the lake Tore-Khol (south of Tyva, border with Mongolia). Tore-Hol is the only freshwater reservoir among the many saline lakes of Tyva with sandy dune banks and crystal clear waters. In form it resembles a stirrup (in translation from the Tuva "torus" - stirrup). Accommodation in a tent camp.

Day 5

Enjoying the rest on the lakeside. Excursion to the sacred mountain of Tuvan shamans "Kazhege". From a birds eye view, the mountain looks like a huge ring. Inside the ring flows a small stream, with stone altars with porcelain figurines. It is a sacred mountain on which, according to legend, the temple of the mystical White City stood. Return to the lake. Fishing. Dinner cooked on an open fire.

Day 6

Enjoying the rest on the lakeside. Weather dependent, we can have a walk around the lake.

Day 7

Transfer to Kyzyl, the capital of Tyva republic and geographical centre of Asia. Visit to the National Museum. You will see the famous ancient "Scythian Gold", the discovery of which radically transformed the understanding of history of Scythian culture. The intricate patterns and craftsmanship of the golden ornaments made more than 10 centuries ago are an amazing site to be seen. Walk to the “The center of Asia”, the beautiful obelisk on the embankment of Kyzyl. We will also see the international award winning sculptural composition, "The Royal Hunt". Stop at the Central market to taste national Tuvan delicacies. You can try unsalted cheese “bashtak”, dry cottage cheese “kurut” and even vodka “araka” made of milk. Transfer to Ergaki natural park.

Day 8,9

Trekking route around the Ergaki natural park. Picturesque mountain-taiga landscapes, granite peaks, river rapids, surrounded by emerald lakes, peaceful valleys created by glaciers millions of years ago. You can wonder at the unique view of the peak Bird and the peak Star, enjoy the beauty and grandeur of the mountain “Sleeping Sayan”, the waterfall “Marble”, the huge “Hanging Rock” that "clings" to the mountain in its fall, and to have rest on Lake Svetloye, surrounded by age-old cedars. On request, the trekking route can be extended to two days (to be agreed in advance).

Day 10

Return to Krasnoyarsk. The end of the tour. Within the tour, the following additional stops are possible (to be agreed in advance): - The village of Old Believers, the upper reaches of the Kaa-Khem river (Tyva republic). Old-believers are Orthodox Christians, who disagreed with church reform in 17th century and since then have been living in exile, preserving their culture and religion. - The ecological settlement of Petropavlovka (artisans) - At Lake Tiberkul, trekking to the sacred mountain of "Community of Vissarion" (note there are various inclines along the route) - Visit to in Chibizhek village: - The gold mining fields where you can try your hands in gold-digging. In the 19th century the third biggest in Russia golden nugget was found here. - trekking to "7 Brothers" mountain (picturesque endless Siberian taiga from a birds eye view)

We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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