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7 nights / 8 days
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  • Meal as per the program
  • Transfers according to the program
  • Sightseeing program
  • Group transfer from the airport or railway station to the hotel and back




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The tour price includes:

-Driving back and forth;
- Minibus service from the airport to the hotel;
-Overnights in hotels;
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner in hotels;
-All cultural program in Oymyakon;
-Photography with Chyskhaan;
-Certificate of visiting the Pole of Cold, where the minimum temperature is registered - 71.2;
Demonstration ice fishing;
-The route of a winter snowmobile hunter.
The tour price does not include:
- Entrance tickets to the museums of Yakutsk;
-Air tickets to Yakutsk;
-Accommodation and meals in Yakutsk;
-Food in a cafe and roadside teahouses;
-Arrival at the base of reindeer herders
-Excursions around the city;
- Translation services from foreign languages.

Hotel in Tomtor: A 14-bed comfortable hotel was built and completed in the spring of 2017. It has a shower, toilet, kitchen and living room and, of course, comfortable separate rooms. The hotel is located in the village of Tomtor. This is the bush center of old Oymyakonya.

If desired, tourists are given the opportunity to spend the night in the villages of Oymyakon and Orto-Balagan, in ordinary guest houses without amenities.

Program by day

Day 1. Yakutsk

Day of arrival of tourists in Yakutsk. Meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation. At the request of guests - a short tour of the sights of the city.

Day 2 : Yakutsk - Khandyga

On the second day, we should only get to Khandygi (365 km from the city of Yakutsk) and we won’t be in a hurry. At the request of customers, stops are possible in Taatt and Churapcha. Overnight at the Khandygi Hotel. Meals: in the morning - breakfast at the hotel in Yakutsk; lunch - in the roadside cafe Tyungulu; dinner at Walb’s roadside cafe. 9 a.m. Departure from the city of Yakutsk. Photosession on the Lena River; 10 a.m. Purchase of necessary things and food in the Lower Bestyakh; 13:00. Lunch in the cafes of Tungulu; 3 p.m. Visit to the Churapchinsky Museum; 5 p.m. Visit to the Cherkekh Museum in the Tatta ulus; 7 p.m. Dinner at Walba Roadside Cafe; 9 p.m. The intersection of the river. Aldan; 10 p.m. In the evening we arrive in Khandygu. Accommodation in hotels.

Day 3 : Briefing - Kyubyume - Tomtor

From Khandygi to Oymyakon - 560 km. We make many stops for photographing. This is the most interesting part of the Kolyma highway. In the late evening we arrive in with. Tomtor. Accommodation in hotels. 8 a.m. Departure from Khandygi 10:00. Breakfast in the cafe, p. Teply Klyuch; 12:00 p.m. Photosession on the Tomporuk pass, at the memorial cross to the victims of the Gulag; 13:00. Stop at the non-freezing stream “Tonmot-Uu - Shaman-stream”. A set of healing water from the source. 5 a.m. Road section "Black clip"; 5 p.m. Hare Loop; 7 p.m. Kyubyume. Dinner; 9 p.m. The village of Yuchegy; 10 p.m. Tomtor. Hotel Accommodation

Day 4. Tomtor - Oymyakon

Today we will visit the village of Oymyakon, we will meet Chyskhan and get certificates. We will see a farm where cows of the Yakut breed are bred and we go fishing. We will also visit Oymyakon High School, where we will be presented with concert numbers from Yakut folklore. 8 a.m. Rise. Breakfast at the hotel; 9 a.m. Departure from Tomtor to the village of Oymyakon; 10:30 a.m. Farm of the Yakut breed of cows (school Bere-Yurdya); 12:00 p.m. Arrival in the village of Oymyakon. Obtaining certificates on visiting the village of Oymyakon - Pole of Cold from the local administration; 12:30 a.m. Photoshoot with Chyskhaan at the stellar “Oymyakon - Pole of Cold”; 13:00. Lunch at the guest house; 2 p.m. Winter fishing; 4 p.m. The cultural program of the Oymyakon High School. Folklore, sports; 6 p.m. Departure from the village of Oymyakon; 20:00. Arrival in the village of Tomtor. Dinner at the hotel

Day 5. Tomtor - Mid-Balagan

On this day, you will visit a horse farm near the village of Tomtor. You can take pictures, ride a Yakut horse. Then we will go to the village of Orto-Balagan, where we will be shown in a short route on snowmobiles the methods of winter hunting for small animals and partridges. In the evening, we will visit the Chyskhan cultural house in the village of Tomtor, where the Yakut rite “Archy” is performed - the rite of purification of the spirit. 8 a.m. Rise. Breakfast at the hotel; 9 a.m. Departure to the horse farm; 11 a.m. We are going to the village of Orto-Balagan; 12:00 p.m. Arrival in the village. It gets dark early in winter, so we immediately go on a snowmobile to the hunter's route, where we check the traps, snares and dies. 3 p.m. Lunch at Ortho-Balagan; 4 p.m. Acquaintance with the history of the village, visiting a local school; 6 p.m. We are going back to Tomtor; 20:00. Arrival in the village of Tomtor. We visit the cultural house of Chyskhan - this is a spacious Yakut booth, where the Archy rite is held, a dinner of traditional Yakut dishes; 10 p.m. Free time

Day 6. Tomtor - Yakutsk

Last day at the Pole of Cold. In the morning the group will visit museums, an ice tunnel and will leave for the city of Yakutsk. 8 a.m. Rise. Breakfast at the hotel; 9 a.m. Tomtor Museum of Local Lore N. Zabolotsky - Chyskhan; 11 a.m. School Museum. Museum of Repressed Writers; 13:00. Lunch at the hotel; 2 p.m. Tomtor. Ice tunnel, adit “Residence of Chyskhan - Keeper of the Cold” with ice sculptures; 3 p.m. Access to the observation deck of Mount Ebe, from where the Oymyakon Valley and the village of Tomtor are clearly visible; 4 p.m. Departure to the city; 19:30. Uch. Kyubyum. Lunch at the cafe "Cuba". Then we drive to the city with stops at roadside cafes.

Day 7. Yakutsk

Arrival day in the city of Yakutsk. We arrive in the city in the morning and check into hotels. 8:00 rise. Light breakfast from their provisions; 9:00 Departure from Khandygi; 12: 00-13: 00 Lunch at the cafe "Walba" 17: 00-18: 00 Early dinner at the cafe "Chiappara" 20: 00-21: 00 Arrival in Yakutsk, accommodation at the hotel. Free time.

Day 8. The last day in Yakutsk

Breakfast. With an additional payment, the next day a minibus and guide service is provided for you to fully familiarize yourself with Yakutsk and the Yakut culture. You can visit the Museum of the History and Culture of the North, the Khomus Museum, the Mammoth Museum, the Chochur-Muran Ethnographic Complex and the Atlasov Manor ethnic entertainment complex. The location of the deer herd is not constant and changes its place all the time. To see the reindeer herd, you need to agree with the reindeer herders, find out where they are, and stay another 1 night and the next morning you need to go to the reindeer herder camp. Reindeer herding program: -Lunch of national dishes of the Even people; -Riding reindeer sledding; -Photography. Dinner, transfer to the airport, flight to Moscow.

Full board

We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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