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Mystical Siberian Idols and Journey to the remote center of Asia

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July - September 2020

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11 days/10 nights
Date: July - September 2020

Now we've got a great combined tour “Ust-Taseevsky idol + The journey to the center of Asia express version” and bonus 1 day of mountain skiing! – 11 days/10 nights.
• The old capital of Siberia, Yeniseysk, with its charm of wooden houses and churches built in the style Siberian barocco.
• Ust-Taseevsky idol complex, dated more than 23 centuries old, it is a unique stone monument of Scythian culture, place of power, remains of civilization gone by.
• The old- believers village Burny and mystical Cape Alban by a hovercraft.
• Return in Krasnoyarsk, “Stolby” natural reserve hiking.
• Breath-taking skiing in Ergaki natural park (from beginners to free ride with snowcat)
• Kyzyl, the geographic center of Asia, “The Gold of Scythians”.
• Shamanic rituals, throat singing in Tuva.

Accommodation: the forest lodge, yurts in Tuva, hotels.
You can join for Ust-Taseevsky idol  if you are limited in time.
Price: 1500 Euro for visiting the Idol / 2300 Euro for all the journey.
Included: accommodation, full board meal, transport, shamanic rituals, throat signing workshop.

It is a great chance to feel Siberia from within, to grasp its character, to reload and rediscover yourself. Join us!


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Program by day

Day 1

7.00 Arrival from Moscow by morning flight. Breakfast. Start from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseysk, the old capital of Siberia by 4WD (350 km) 5 hours drive. Lunch in Yeniseysk. City tour . "The Gateway to Eastern Siberia", the city of skilled artisans, the centre of the "gold rush" and the fur trade are various names for that town. In the XVII – XVIII centuries the city was famous for its icon-painting school, and the Yenisei Fair was the main centre of fur trade throughout Siberia. The historical part of Yeniseysk with the churches and houses of famous gold miners is included in the provisional UNESCO World Heritage List. Accommodation in the hotel in Yeniseysk, shared bathroom.

Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel. From Yeniseysk we start for Monastery lake, famous for its bliss, beautiful forest surrounding. (30 min drive from Yeniseysk). Start for “Strelka” (the place of confluence of Yenisey and Angara rivers), crossing by ice road. Lunch box. Forest lodge “At the Den”, home-made dinner, Russian sauna “banya”. Accommodation in the forest lodge (double or quadruple) , in-suite toilet.

Day 3

In the area of the river Taseeva in IV century BC lived mysterious taiga Scythians. They left unique monuments and altars, which miraculously survived to this day. Among them, Ust-Taseyevsky idol is the northernmost stone statue of the early Iron Age in Asia. The place is still mysterious: the top of the hill, where the Idol is, "attracts" lightning in a thunderstorms, and the compass needle doesn’t work here. Therefore, only a few people know the road to the ancient monuments. (3 km walk through the forest, about 2 hours one way). Demonstration of shamanic ritual “kamlanie” – asking local spirits for the blessing. Hot tea with sandwiches on the way. In the evening, the home-made dinner from the host Valentina, the decedent of Germans sent in exile in Soviet times. Till now she speaks a bit of German and will be happy to share her family stories. Accommodation in the forest lodge. “Banya”.

Day 4

Start for Mashukovka village, then Kirsantievo, where we will change our 4WD for hovercraft. We will reach old-believers village Burny . Old-believers split from official Russian Orthodox church in 1648 and in order to preserve their beliefs they went in the most remote areas of Russia. They grow long beards, women wears only skirts and still keep traditional lifestyle as it was centuries ago. Accommodation in Kirsantievo in home-stay (the whole group in one village house). Home-made dinner. Banya.

Day 5

Excursion by the hovercraft to Cape Arban, the place of power and burial place of ancient Scythians. On the way we will also see Grafskya (which means “Earl” in Russia) cave, and will know what role the cave played during Revolution times 1918. Return to Kirsantievo.

Day 6

Return to Mashukovka, and then to Krasnoyarsk by car (6 hours drive) Arrival in Krasnoyarsk late afternoon. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 7

Krasnoyarsk city tour, the symbol of the city – the Chapel of the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, the history of WWII Lendlease and the gem of Krasnoyarsk nature – Stolby natural reserve. 19.00 Train from Krasnoyarsk to Abakan.

Day 8

Arrival in Abakan at 6 am. Breakfast on the way from Abakan to Ergaki. Start for natural reserve Ergaki (200 km, 3 hours), skiing/ snowboard. Lunch on the slope. You can rent all the equipment right there. Different level of difficulty – from beginners, to free ride. Experienced guides will help. 16.00 start from Ergaki to Kyzyl (192 km, 2h30 min) . Home-made dinner in Tuvinian family. Accommodation in the hotel (twin basis, inbuilt bathroom) in Kyzyl.

Day 9

Kyzyl, capital of Tuva republic. National Museum featuring the famous “Gold of Scythians”, the discovery of which, in 2001, has changed the theory about the history of Scythians. Gold decorations made more than 10 centuries ago still fascinates with the intricacy of the patterns and accuracy of work. Walk to the obelisk “Geographic center of Asia” at the point of merger of Big Yenisei and Small Yenisei rivers. Sculpture group “Tsar hunting” which won the prestigious award in Italy in 2013. Throat singing concert and workshop (5 types of throat signing and national instruments) in the Center of Tuvinian culture. Visit to the central market and tasting traditional milk delicacies of Tuva, such as unsalted cheese “byshtak”, dry cottage cheese “kurut” and even milk vodka “araka”. In the evening transfer to the ethnographic complex Aldyn-Boolak. Shamanic ritual “White road” (for the road without obstacles) by the real shaman (on the hill, under endless stars, very emotional experience). Accommodation in traditional style Tuvinian yurts finished with modern touches (well-heated).

Day 10

Excursion around Aldyn-Boolak. We will go through Heaven’s Gate of Shamballa, will learn why the Khans chose that place for their camp and will see the cult symbol “Ovaa Khoomeya”, golden arrow aiming to the sky. Start for Abakan. If time will permit, we will have short excursion to Shushenskoye. It is well preserved Siberian village of 19th century, also famous for being the place of exile of Lenin for 3 years.

Day 11

Option 1. Overnight in Abakan, the hotel. Direct flight Abakan – Moscow. 9.55 am. Aeroflot SU1479 ( 166 Euro) Option 2. 19.00 Overnight train Abakan- Krasnoyarsk. Arrival in Krasnoyarsk at 6 am, transfer to airport, flight at 11.10 am Aeroflot SU1483 (96 Euro).
We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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