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Krasnoyarsk region is the gate to the North Pole

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16.04.2022 - 21.04.2022

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  • 16.04.2022 - 21.04.2022
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Date: 16.04.2022 - 21.04.2022

The North Pole is one of the most mysterious place on our planet. There are no ordinary days or nights, no familiar parts of the world and a completely different sense of time. It is only here you
can see the ice sky and ice flowers.
Make your dreams come true, find yourself in the center of the earth, open a new gate to the Pole - through the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory - Khatanga. Here you will meet with the
inhabitants, the reindeer herders, take a ride on reindeer and dog sledge. Taste northern delicacies and experience local entertainment. Next, take a once in a lifetime flight to the North Pole.


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Program by day

Day 1

The following options are available: Express-tour : Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. Meeting at the airport. Information breakfast (airport restaurant). Questions - answers on the Expedition. If necessary, the purchase of polar outfit. Non-stop flight from Krasnoyarsk to Khatanga. (3 hours). Border control in Khatanga. Stop-over in Krasnoyarsk: Arrival at the airport Krasnoyarsk. Transfer to the hotel, check-in. Breakfast. If necessary, the purchase of polar outfit. Optional excursions in and around Krasnoyarsk: “Stolby” natural reserve “Stolby” is located just 30 min drive from the city centre. Thanks to its unusual shape and structure it’s famous around Russia and abroad. You will see pinkish-brown syenite rocks, for thousands of years being transformed by winds and water into pieces of art. Most of them have their own names: Grandfather, Lion gates, Feathers and Chinese wall. Under the guidance of an experienced mountaineer, those who want can climb to the side of some of these beautiful natural artworks and see the incredible panoramas of the taiga. Sweet air which you feel like drinking. Krasnoyarsk city tour: Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel (symbol of Krasnoyarsk depicted on 10 RUB note) with brief taking view of the city, the monument dedicated to the founder of the city Kossack A.Dubensky, the first steamship on Yenisei river “St. Nikolai” that carried historical antipodes – last Russian Tzar Nikolai II and Vladimir Lenin. Other places that reveal controversial but interesting story of one of the most remarkable Siberian cities from 1628. Special bonus: the history of the secret airway “Alaska Siberia” used in WWII to transfer airplanes and goods from USA to USSR under lend-lease program. The role of Krasnoyarsk in WWII, as Krasnoyarsk was the most eastern part of USSR where actual battles with German army took place. • Helicopter ride around Krasnoyarsk Helicopter tour around Krasnoyarsk, flight to Manskoye Belogorye, Kuturchinsky are possible upon request. . • “4WD tour around Krasnoyarsk and Russian sauna “banya” On winding forest roads we will drive to the top of the slope. From 600 meters height you will have an incredible panorama of the Siberian taiga and Krasnoyarsk. Meander around the uniquely shaped rocks, through fanciful arches and million-year-old cliffs. Hear the stories about the sleeping ancient volcanoes and sea. Horse-riding tour is possible upon request. To round up that great day on fresh air you will try real Russian sauna “banya” with inbuilt font and polish it with tasty BBQ. Transfer to the hotel. Rest.

Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight Krasnoyarsk - Khatanga (about 3 hours). Airport pick-up in Khatanga. Transfer to the ethnic village. Excursion to and life of reindeer herders. Traditional entertainments: • riding reindeer and dog sleds • northern all-around • workshop on carving on bones (horns) • master class on creating “choom” (wigwam). Tasting northern dishes (stroganina, yuccola, etc.). • The Mammoth Museum and the Holy Epiphany Church • the Center for traditional arts • Museum of Nature and Ethnography in the Taimyr Nature Reserve • visiting the fishermen's camp Transfer to the hotel, check in. Rest Additional excursions in Khatanga Дополнительные экскурсии в Хатанге: (in case of inclement weather): • Excursion to the forest-tundra (Kazachka river) on the all-terrain vehicles TREKOL and snowmobiles (spring forest-tundra, wolves, wolverines, Arctic foxes, partridges). • Excursion on hovercrafts "Khivus-10" on the river Kotui • Excursion by helicopter Mi-8 to the Anabar plateau. • Loach fishing on the Shrenk River.

Day 3

Breakfast. Departure to the ice base "Barneo". Lunch (lunch boxes). Arrival at the Barneo Ice Base. Excursion, acquaintance with the base. Accommodation in specially prepared tents. Each tent accommodates 10-12 people. Waiting for favorable weather conditions for a helicopter flight to the North Pole (the helicopter MI 8). Approximate flight time 30-40 minutes. Celebrating the conquest of the North Pole. The time spent in the North Pole area is approximately 60 minutes. Return to the ice base by helicopter MI 8. Approximate stay at the ice station - 24 hours. Optional additional mini-programs: • Diving at the North Pole • Lectures from scientists working in high latitudes • Bathhouse • Swimming in the hole • Mailing from the North Pole (organization of a mobile post office) • Call from the North Pole - satellite communications • Marathon • Coinage • Skydiving • Construction of the IGL • Football • You can test yourself as a pioneer traveler and walk a short distance with a heavy sleigh and in full gear. • Additional overnight at Barneo

Day 4

Breakfast. Departure to Khatanga, refueling on Sredny Island (6 hours flight). Hotel check-in in Khatanga. Rest.

Day 5

Breakfast. Departure to Krasnoyarsk. The end of the tour. The change of the route, time of departure and return is possible due to weather and technical conditions.
We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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