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Krasnoyarsk overview

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6 дней
Vacancies: 8

Welcome to eastern Siberia! It is here that you can see one of the longest and most full-flowing rivers of the world - the Yenisei, one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Russia, which Yuri Gagarin himself helped build.

6 days is the very thing to get acquainted with Krasnoyarsk, to enjoy the Siberian nature: to see the taiga and syenite rocks, which are millions of years old.

You will visit the famous Stolby reserve, visit the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel (the symbol of Krasnoyarsk depicted on the 10-ruble note), learn about the history of brewing in the Yenisei province and even find yourself in an old factory.

In addition, you can relax from civilization in wooden houses with views of the Siberian rocks and a Russian bath.

Outdoor gatherings with barbecue, overlooking the mountain forest slopes in good company - such a vacation in Siberia will be remembered for a long time.



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Transfer is carried out on specially prepared off-road vehicles: GAZ-Sobol and UAZ Patriot. The machines are specially equipped for Siberia, taiga conditions, and off-road driving.

In the Krasnoyarsk Sea, in winter, the transfer is carried out by hovercraft, in the summer - by boat.

Program by day

Day 1. Acquaintance with Krasnoyarsk

Transfer airport - hotel. Accommodation Lunch.

After resting and gaining strength, you go on a tour of the evening city. You will learn the history of Krasnoyarsk and walk along the central streets.

Dinner. Visit to the first brewery of the Yenisei province. In the Yenisei spur, more than 100 years ago, they were already brewing. You will visit an old factory and see with your own eyes where and how the foamy drink was made before the Revolution. And you can also taste craft beer created according to old recipes.

Day 2. Stolbi.

Today you go to the Stolby reserve.
Due to its amazing nature, the Krasnoyarsk reserve is known all over the world. In the middle of the taiga, cliffs rise, representing granite-syenite remains of pinkish-brown color. The height of some of them reaches 100 meters.

The reserve is located a few kilometers southwest of Krasnoyarsk in the interfluve of the Mana and Bazaikhi rivers (the main hiking trail is 30 minutes from the city center).

Acquaintance with the reserve. You will see rocks that have names: Grandfather, Grandma, Feathers, the Chinese Wall, and you can also climb to the top of some. From here, an incredible panorama of the Siberian taiga and distant cliffs opens. A visit to the hut of the columnists (you can get there only by invitation)
This is the place where the columnists gather - Siberians who are known for their ability to climb the peaks without insurance.
Lunch. Accommodation on the cordon “NARIM”.
Rest on a cardon.

Day 3. Significant places of Krasnoyarsk.

Breakfast at the cordon "Narym"
Next, you return to the city.

Sightseeing tour of Krasnoyarsk.
The sightseeing tour includes a visit to the Paraskeva Friday Chapel (symbol of Krasnoyarsk, depicted on a 10-ruble note) with breathtaking bird's-eye views of the city. You will also see the founding place of the Krasnoyarsk prison, a monument to the founder Andrei Dubensky, the steamboat museum St. Nicholas, which transported at different times two historical antipodes - Tsarevich Nikolai, the future Nicholas II and Vladimir Lenin.

Other significant places in Krasnoyarsk, which sometimes unfold the contradictory, but interesting history of one of the most significant cities in Siberia since 1628

Bonus: you will learn the history of the secret air route " Alaska-Siberia ”, which was used during the Second World War to transport aircraft and valuable cargo, as well as diplomats under the Lend-Lease program.

Day 4 Torgashinsky ridge.

Then you go to another picturesque panoramic place, which is located just 30 minutes from the city center - Torgashinsky ridge Jeep tour of the Torgashinsky ridge.

• We will climb the top of the slope along winding forest roads . From a height of 600 meters you will have an incredible panorama of the Siberian taiga and Krasnoyarsk itself.

• You will walk among bizarre rocks, see stone arches and cliffs that are millions of years old and learn stories about the extinct volcanoes that started these places.

• It is possible to organize horseback riding.

At the end of the tour, you can relax in a Russian bath with a cool font.

Transfer to the hotel. Relaxation.

Day 5. Zaimka on the Krasnoyarsk Sea.

Breakfast at the hotel.
Then you go to the Krasnoyarsk Sea to relax from the city and admire the Siberian nature.
The very road here is a real adventure. Transfer is carried out on a prepared SUV. Along the way, you will see the observation deck and the statue of the Tsar-Fish, as if coming out of the work of the famous Krasnoyarsk Viktor Astafyev. It offers a magnificent view of the Yenisei.

Next you will see the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station, one of the largest power plants in the world. The first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin took part in its construction. You will learn the story of how it was.

In front of the Krasnoyarsk reservoir, you change to a boat (in winter, to a hovercraft) and set sail towards the taiga catch.

Boat trip. On the way, you will admire the rocky shores from the water. And in cold weather you will see the frozen Krasnoyarsk Sea covered with snow. By the way, this is the best platform to ride on a hovercraft. Indescribable sensations: you fly with the breeze, only snow is a pillar and you rotate at speed, polishing the ice.

Then you arrive at the house, placed in wooden houses with a stove in the traditional Siberian style.

Lunch on a haul of dishes prepared on a live fire. Relaxation. At the request of the guests fishing and a Russian bath are possible (additional charge).

Day 6.

Breakfast. Airport transfer. Tour end
We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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