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Freeride in Ergaki and winter Tuva

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November 2020 - February 2021

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11 nights / 12 days
Date: November 2020 - February 2021

Ergaki is one of those places where you want to return every season, because the sensations of skiing here, among the Siberian nature and the purest mountain air, are incredible. In addition to excellent freeride on the slopes of Yergak, you will pass through the winter steppe of Khakassia, visit Tuva: undergo the Shaman ceremony, stop in the very center of Asia in Kyzyl, and stay with the Tuvan Old Believers.

You will see how people from the past live and maintain their traditions in the taiga part of this region. You just can’t get to them. They will treat you to Siberian tea from herbs, teach you how to roll felt boots, and winter fishing enthusiasts will be shown excellent fishing spots.

This tour is primarily for adventure lovers. For those who cannot imagine winter without freeride, who are excited by the long road and snowy impassability, who want Siberian taiga air and space, who are interested in Siberia and Tuvan identity.


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Program by day

Day 1. Acquaintance with Krasnoyarsk

Arrival in Krasnoyarsk. Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Accommodation Dinner. Before entering the main route of the tour, excursions in Krasnoyarsk and its environs are possible. At your request can be organized (paid separately): City tour Visit the Pillars Nature Reserve The Pillars Nature Reserve is located 30 minutes from the city center. Cliffs rise in the middle of the taiga. The height of some of them reaches 100 meters. Many of them have names: Grandfather, Grandma, Feathers, the Chinese Wall. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, you can climb to the top of some of them and see the incredible panoramas of the Siberian taiga. Return to the hotel. Relaxation.

Day 2. Krasnoyarsk - Ergaki

Breakfast. Then, on specially prepared off-road vehicles, we set off along the route Krasnoyarsk - Ergaki (610 km). Travel time 10-13 hours. Lunch - in a cafe (dishes of national cuisine). Along the way, you will see the winter steppe of Khakassia, visit the unique monument of Tagar culture of the 7-3 centuries. BC. Boyar writings. Boyarskaya pisanitsa is a series of cave paintings that were made manually on the southwestern slope of the Boyara mountain range. About 170 images, carved by ancient people by point technique. Here you will see animals, residential buildings of that era, as well as detailed human figures of horsemen, shepherds, archers, hunters. Arrival in Ergaki at approximately 5-18 p.m. Hotel accommodation. Relaxation.

Day 3 - 5 Freeride or skiing on the prepared track (optional).

Three days of fresh air and snow! You can enjoy the slopes to the fullest, take a break from civilization, hone your skills and relax on winter evenings.

Day 6. Visiting the Old Believers

Breakfast. Departure towards the village of Sizim (350 km, travel time - 9 hours). Lunch on the way - lunch boxes. Arrival at the base. Accommodation Relaxation. A dinner of traditional homemade dishes. Familiarity with the customs and lifestyle of the Old Believers. Russian bath with aromatic taiga brooms.

Day 7. In the rhythm of nature

Breakfast. Walk on the bank of the Sizim river. Workshop on felting felt boots (agreed in advance). Lunch of traditional homemade dishes. At sunset, visit the Mount of Love, from where a wonderful view of the Old Believer village opens. Russian sauna. Dinner with a tasting of an Old Believer “kvask”.

Day 8. Workshops and fishing

Breakfast. Photo walk at dawn (for those who wish) in the picturesque surroundings. Master class on Old Believer cuisine: you yourself will try to make taiga pies, find out the secret of the Siberian gorodelora and you can make sourdough for bread on potatoes. A master class on the ancient form of needlework - weaving warm home rugs. For fishing enthusiasts: in winter - a master class on ice fishing (depending on weather conditions). After lunch, horseback riding in the picturesque surroundings. The story of a herbalist master about taiga herbs. You will learn how to cook different types of herbal teas. Tea tasting. In the evening, phytobarrel (for those who wish). Farewell dinner with homemade cognac.

Day 9. In the center of Asia

Breakfast. Early departure towards the Turan maral farm (210 km, about 7 hours). On the way, you will stop in Kyzyl for lunch, visit the geographical center of Asia on the embankment of the Yenisei River. It is here that the corresponding monument "Center of Asia" is located. Its author, Dashi Namdakov, is known not only in Russia, but also abroad. One of his sculptures, the She-Guardian, is installed at the Marble Arch in northeastern Hyde Park in London. One of the official religions of the native Tuvans is shamanism. It is here that you can see the clinic of shamans and go through a consultation-diagnostics there (paid separately). In addition, you will visit the real rite of the Shaman. Arrival at the maral farm. Accommodation at the base in wooden houses. Dinner. Relaxation.

Day 10. Rest

Breakfast at the base. Relaxation. Here you will see deer close by, learn how the economy works, you can try antler baths, ride snowmobiles or horses (for a fee).

Day 11. Shushenskoye - a 19th century village

After breakfast at the base, we leave for the village of Masters Petropavlovka (400 km, about 8 hours). On the way, you can visit Shushensky (as agreed). Walking tour of the village - an open-air museum. Walking around Shushensky you will see how the poor and prosperous peasant lived, what a “house with a mezzanine” was, how a village prison and a beer house were arranged, which they sold in a shop. Get acquainted with the crafts and crafts of the Siberians. Have you ever seen how tablecloths and towel towels are woven? Did you drink tea from a samovar? Here you will have such an opportunity. Lunch from Siberian dishes. Arrival at Petropavlovka. Accommodation in guest houses. Dinner. Relaxation.

Day 12. Village of artisans Petropavlovka

The creativity of the villagers is felt in the wide range of arts and crafts presented here. Guests can choose a master class to taste: • weaving • blacksmithing (in 40 minutes you and the master can forge a real ax!) • weaving • blacksmithing In addition, here you can listen to how they play traditional Russian instruments and master the harp or a pipe. You can take part in such a master class, moreover, under the guidance of a master who has been creating musical instruments for 30 years. Master classes are held both in the workshop and in the fresh air, immersed in the traditional Russian way of life. Lunch and dinner in the village from home-cooked dishes.

Day 13. Transfer to Krasnoyarsk.

Breakfast. We are going to Krasnoyarsk. Travel time is approximately 9 hours (460 km). On the way lunch boxes. The end of the tour.
We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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