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Yeniseysk and ancient Siberian villages

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June - August 2020

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2 nights / 3 days
Date: June - August 2020
Vacancies: 7

What could be more beautiful in Siberia in the winter than ancient villages that breathe history, walk on the creaking pearl snow, brush off multi-tiered snowdrifts, listen to the past and breathe the past.
The tour “Yeniseisk and ancient Siberian villages” is a kind of time machine that will take you 300 years ago!


Kazachinskoe, Makovskoe, Yeniseysk

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Our journey will begin from the village of Kazachinskoye. From ancient times it was famous for its crafts and fairs. From here went carts with fodder and food for gold mines in the Zaangarsky taiga. Next you will visit Yeniseisk. The city of skilled craftsmen, the center of the "gold rush" and the fur trade, as it was not called. In the XVII –XVIII centuries. he was famous for his icon-painting schools. And the center of Yeniseysk still resembles a "town in a snuffbox." Its historical part is included in the preliminary list of World Heritage by UNESCO. Next you will find yourself in the village of Makovskoye. Now in this quiet remote place you can get only in winter, moving along the winter road. But back in the 17th century, Makovsky was an important transport “junction” throughout Siberia and the Far East. Vessels with food and goods came here, and then they were transported by drags to Yeniseisk, from where they supplied other Siberian settlements. In the same way furs were taken out. In the winter of 1662, at Makovsky dragging, the frantic archpriest Avvakum was taken into exile.

Program by day


On an SUV we leave from Krasnoyarsk towards Yeniseisk. And the first stop is the village of Kazachinskoye. Kazachinkoye is one of the oldest settlements in the Yenisei province. Its history goes back over 300 years. From ancient times, the village was famous for its crafts and fairs. Let's talk about the history of the village, which has more than 300 years. Walk around the village. You can visit the temple, where the myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God of Kazan is located. You will also see the famous Kazachinsky rapids. This is the most impassable site on the Yenisei. The fall of the river in this section exceeds 1 m per kilometer of length. Stop, snack overlooking the rapids. Then you arrive in Yeniseisk, the ancient capital of the Yenisei province. Hotel accommodation. Dinner from Siberian dishes. Relaxation.


Breakfast. We depart from Yeniseisk towards Makovsky (90 km). On the way, we’ll talk about the amazing role of the village in the history of Siberia. The modern village stands next to the place where Makovsky prison was located in the 17th century. It was founded earlier than Yeniseisk and Krasnoyarsk and for a long time served as a major transport hub for the transport of goods from West to East and back. Vessels with food and other supplies came here. From Makovsky, goods were dragged by dragwaters to Yeniseisk, from where the supply of other Siberian settlements went. Arriving at Makovsky. You will see the Holy Protection Church, take a walk around the village. Pay attention to how houses are built in Makovsky - according to the ancient Siberian tradition. Under one roof, both the house and buildings, and the courtyard - in order to keep the heat as much as possible. Makovsky is a village shrouded in secrets and beliefs. Along the way, you will learn stories about the local fortune-teller Akulin. Return to Yeniseisk. Dinner. Relaxation.

Yeniseysk - the ancient capital of the Yenisei province

Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of the ancient city of Yeniseisk. The city of skilled craftsmen, the center of the "gold rush" and the fur trade, as it was not called. You will take a tour of the historical part of Yeniseisk, included in the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage, see the main temples that embody the Siberian Baroque style, admire the houses of famous gold miners, visit the local history museum, which presents archaeological finds and household items of the 17-18 centuries, the museum planer. Transfer to Krasnoyarsk. The end of the tour.
We reserve the right to adjust and change routes. We make individual tours at the request of tourists.
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