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City break, May 2019.

Abbiamo preso un city tour con “Sibwaytour”, magio 2019. Natalia é un'ottima guida! Ci ha mostrato la cittá intera di Krasnoyarsk e dei percorsi di Stolby in un solo giorno! Per iniziare, ci ha dato una visita guidata del museo di storia di Krasnoyarsk, e ci ha illustrato la storia della regione di Krasnoyarsk dalla preistoria a oggi! É stato affascinante scoprire delle diverse popolazioni che hanno vissuto e ancora vivono qui. In seguito, ci ha portato a vedere il centro della cittá e ci ha mostrato il fiume Enisey. L' Enisey non congela mai, neanche a -45 gradi! Per questo Natalia ci ha portato alla diga e centrale idroelettrica che non permette al fiume di congelare. Verso sera siamo andati verso il parco naturale di Stolby e Natalia ci ha raccontato di come si formano queste meravigliose rocce vulcaniche. Grazie, “Sibwaytour” e Natalia! Sei stata una guida perfetta!

Oliver Tomassi , Italy, 1 traveler

City tour, “Stolby” reserve, December 2017.

Thank you so much the SibwayTour team for the great city tour of Krasknoyask! Our guide Natalia was so knowledgeable and took us to some amazing sites. She also has a good eye for the photo opportunities! I learned so much and got a real appreciation of this beautiful city.

Kate Turner-Mann, Australia,2 travellers

Jeep-tour on Torgashinsky ridge and Russian sauna “banya”, February 2018.

I simply cannot express how wonderful of a tour guide Natalia is. First, she was so welcoming and so helpful with information and planning our tour of Krasnoyarsk before we even arrived. She was in constant contact with me through wechat (a Chinese messaging app that not many people have outside of China, I was surprised by this!) and kept helping my friends and I plan what we wanted to do. It wasn't easy either because we only had 11 hours in Krasnoyarsk! But Natalia went above and beyond in helping us pack our day full of everything we wanted to do. After she met us at the train station, she took us around in her car all over the city giving us a great overview of the history, culture, and geography of Kras and Siberia in general. She included just the right amount of highlights, information, history, and funny stories to make it informative and fun. Since we were on a bit of a budget, she showed us a cheap and quick place to grab a bite to eat. It may have been cheap, but the food was still great and filling. While we were eating she helped us with our phones (turns out some sim cards only work in the oblast where you bought them unless you make some changes and add money to them). Then in the afternoon, she introduced us to her friend Maxim who gives the 4x4 tour. She translated for us while Maxim gave us a tour of a WWII site on an island (sorry I can't remember the name of the island). The area was beautiful and the tour was full of information on the cooperation between the US and Russia during WWII (my friends and I are Americans and are really interested in WWII history, so this was excellent for us). Maxim has a great sense of humor and was cracking jokes with us the whole time we were driving around. It was fun, but Natalia really flexed her Language muscles translating all our jokes and comments, thanks, Natalia! In the middle of the island tour, we got to see the big wooden pole that is part of the traditional spring festival. If I understand, it is mostly for young men to show off their climbing prowess by stripping to their boxers and shimmying up to the top. I'm not sure, but it looked like it was nearly 10m tall! My buddy couldn't resist and so we have some great pictures of him in his boxers making his way up the pole. Then we went to see actual military tents, tanks, and armored personnel carriers! Apparently, during the summer you can actually drive they giant beasts around the island! There is also a pretty elaborate paintball course there as well. I will definitely have to come back in the summer Maxim then took us to the river shore where we went for a swim! I don't know if Maxim said we should swim as a joke or if he was serious, but my favorite line after my buddy and I started stripping down to jump in was from Natalia: "I'll translate, but I do not agree!" So, we now have a pretty great video of the two of us, naked, in the middle of February, splashing into the river! We had originally planned to end the tour there, but then Natalia and Maxim insisted we go to the Banya to warm up, relax, and eat barbecue! This was so much more than we ever asked for. It was amazing! Thanks so much to Natalia and her colleague Maxim for such an awesome tour, on such a short schedule, and for such a great price! We love Krasnoyarsk!

David Weldon, USA, 3 travellers

MICE, September 2018.

I definitely recommend everyone to live that fascinating experience with SibWayTour. They made us to enjoy our business trip in both industrial and touristic way. Just can't wait to do it again to see more with SibWay's warm and friendly cooperation.

Turkish Mining Development Foundation , Turkey, 1 traveler

City tour, Jeep tour on Torgashinsky ridge with Russian sauna “banya”, June 2018.

It was a pleasure for me to meet Sibwaytour during my visit Siberia and Krasnoyarsk! They are always smiling and helpful. They know the region so well. They even took me to a very typical sauna summer house with a nice garden! So, I do recommend them. Thanks Natalie and Maxim…

Prof. Dr. Orhan Kural Financial Members of Turkish Mining Development Foundation Head of Mining Engineering Department at the Istanbul Technical University The President of Turkish Travellers Club of Turkiye Honorary Consul of Republic of Benin The President of Association of Yellow Crescent Vice Honorary Consul of Republic of Vanuatu Turkey, 1 traveler

Rafting on Podkamennaya Tunguska, July 2018.

We remembered for you a lot, you are very nice pleasent people, you took care of us, thank you for your programm in Krasnojarsk and security everything in Tunguska. This trip was one of the best enjoyment and adventure. Thanks!

Lenka Soldátová, Czech republic, 4 travellers,

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