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About us

Нistory of the company

When you work in an office, you really want breath of fresh air and a reboot. This is how the story of Sibwaytour began. Maxim Fomenko used to work in a bank, and spent all his free time in the taiga; in the SUV, forest gully, camping in nature, around the fire, unburdening the mind and giving the body strength. “At one point, I realized that I had to do what I liked, so I left the bank and became involved in organizing expeditions in the Russian Geographical Society. These skills have greatly helped in creating the Sibwaytour company. Now off-road tours in Siberia – is the main direction of our company.”

The most popular tours

“From Krasnoyarsk to the center of Asia” 43%
“Krasnoyarsk - in 3 days” 24%
Jeep-tour “Torgashinsky ridge and Russian sauna ”banya”17%
Expedition Tour "Salt - grey gold of Siberia" 16%

Our achievements

10 years of experience in organizing expeditions to the Russian Geographical Society, as well as participation in off-road clubs in the Krasnoyarsk Territory could not go in vain. And in 2016, the company Sibwaytour was born. Since that time we met and became friends with guests from all over the world. 2018 was special for us - we received our first official award, certified tourist routes and continue to enjoy our nomadic life. .

  • We have prepared and organized tours for travelers from 21 countries and 5 continents.
  • More than 150 people saw Krasnoyarsk and Siberia with us.
  • Our tourists visited the desert of Mongolia, the endless Evenk tundra, the Siberian taiga, the highland Tuva, the steppe Khakassia.
  • Over the year, we drove about 30,000 km along highways, taiga off-roads, winter roads, historical roads.
  • Our routes have Certificates of compliance with national standards.
  • The tour “Trip to the Old Believers of Kaa-Khem” was included in the list “Top 10 journeys in the Krasnoyarsk Territory” for 2018 and 2019.
  • The tour “Journey to the Center of Asia” was included in the compilation “Best practices of ethnographic tourism in the Russian Federation”.
  • More than 10 expeditions were organized; many of them were featured in documentaries and TV programs.

About vacation

See taiga, steppe, endless tundra and desert, stop for the night in a real yurt, catch and taste northern fish, see ancient petroglyphs, visit the center of Russia and the very center of Asia - vacation in Siberia can be anything but boring!

Certified routes

Small and medium size groups

Experience of working with guests from all over the world


Maxim Fomenko

the founder of the company, a guide-instructor, real Siberian with many years of organizing the off-road expeditions around Siberia. The member of off-road clubs for more than 10 years. The Head of department of expedition organization of Expedition Center of Russian Geographic Society on Siberian Federal District (est. 1845, Russian organization that participated in the most expeditions exploring Siberia and Far East).

Natalia Durbanova

Business development director, co-owner, interpreter. Being born and bred in Siberia, Natalia lived and worked abroad for 9 years. Not only fluent English and Italian, as well as basic Hindi, more importantly she “speaks your language” in terms of understanding the needs of foreign guests.

Ekaterina Zhigaeva

A talented journalist with more than 10 years of experience, thanks to her sharp pen, our readers can follow all our exciting trips and plans with her detailed and engaging description of our tours and expeditions Ekaterina’s special interest is history and geography of Siberia

Irina Yakunina

A talented photographer with 15 years of experience, winner of regional and Russian awards, is ready to wake up at 4 am and go the extra-mile for a nice shot. Most of the wonderful photos that you see our Instagram and website belong to Irina’s camera and inspiration

Oleg Grishechko

An instructor guide. Great experience in organizing off-road expeditions. Professional mechanic, specialist in survival in extreme conditions. He likes to cook Asian cuisine for friends.

Valery Kokhanov

An international level lifeguard, mountaineer, participant of historical the Russia-North Pole-Canada Trans-Arctic ski crossover that lasted 120 days, and was awarded the title Snow Leopard (the mountaineer who conquered all 7 thousand meters mountains of ex-Soviet Union).

Hertek Arttsalam

An instructor guide. Specialist in the mountain/ forest area of the Republic of Tyva. Great experience in organizing expeditions. Also an Ethnography specialist.

Vladimir Konovalov

An instructor guide. Specialist in archeology. Taiga ranger. Avid local historian. Ethnography specialist.

Kozyr Nikolai

An instructor guide. Captain of the ship. Experienced taiga ranger. He is also trusted guide to old-believers settlements

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