Letter from the Travellers Club of Turkey

It was a pleasure for me to meet Sibwaytour during my visit Siberia  and Krasnoyarsk!
They are always smiling and helpful. They know the region so well.  
They even took me to a very typical sauna summer house with a nice garden!
So, I do recommend them.
Thanks Natalie and Maxim…

Prof. Dr. Orhan Kural
Financial Members of Turkish Mining Development Foundation
Head of Mining Engineering Department at the Istanbul Technical University
The President of Turkish Travellers Club of Turkiye
Honorary Consul of Republic of Benin
The President of Association of Yellow Crescent
Vice Honorary Consul of Republic of Vanuatu


Interview with Prof.Dr. Orhan Kural on Yenisey TV channel : https://www.enisey.tv/news/post-9978/ 

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