Expedition “Idol of Ust-Taseevo”

Surrounding the river Taseeva and Angara, the mysterious taiga Scythians had their settlements. These places are not easy to find, and are called “errants” as your compass will not work here. Scythians, thousands of years ago, knew the secrets of making metal, leaving altars with lots of precious artefacts. As their “places of power”, they chose mountain peaks that attracted thunderstorms and lightning and untill now, have only been inhabited by stone idols, the most Northern idols in Asia.

Join us for unforgettable experience to learn about the owners of these places from many centuries ago. Learn how the first settlers survived and the origin of the unique items only found during modern excavations.



This trip will be interesting for those who are curious about history and nature of Siberia, those who want to know Siberia in its grandeur, to make intensive immersion in its mysteries, to enjoy famous Siberian hospitality.


Day 1
Transfer from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseysk in a comfortable minibus.

Stop in Kazachinskoye village, one of the oldest in Yeniseysk region. Established in 1636, the village played a significant role in the exploration of Siberia. We will see myrrh streaming from the icon of Virgin Mary of Kazan.
Transfer to Yeniseysk. City tour. Tasting of traditional Siberian cuisine. Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 2
Transfer Yeniseysk – Pervomayskoye village. Ferry “Shiroky Log – Strelka”. Accommodation in forest lodge.

Day 3.
A picturesque walk along the taiga path (3 km) during which you will learnabout the history of exploration of Siberia by various tribes and ethnicities, the history of ancient taiga inhabitants, their culture and traditions.
Visit to Ust-Taseevsky worship complex. We will learn about archeological excavations, memories from the participants of archeological expeditions, the legends of the place, interesting findings from the archeological excavations. Experiments with indicators of magnetic field.
From there ewe will take a boat from Cape Tolsty, the place where river Taseeva flows into river Angara. Excursion to the most Northern settlement of Scythians in Asia. You will see place of burial of young girl-warrior, will learn principles of arranging living houses, workshops, including pottery. Free time, where you can choose to swim in the river or to go for fishing.
Return to the forest lodge. On the way back, there are plenty of opportunities for taking photos of picturesque places of Taseeva river.

Day 4
Transfer to Mashukovka village, where we will swap the car for a boat. On our way toward Kirsantievo village, we will see several relics. Arrival in Kirsantievo and accommodation in homestay.

Day 5.
Transfer Kirsantievo – Burny, village inhabited by the old-believers. (Old-believers are Orthodox Christians, who disagreed with church reform in 17th century and since then have been living in exile, preserving their culture and religion. We will learn about their history, way of life, and modern life of old-believers.
Transfer by boat to Cape Arban. Stop over and excursion around Cape Arban, ancient altar with taiga dwellers made a sacrifice and ask for blessing of spirits. A walk to local waterfall, photo session. Accommodation in tents in base camp of Cape Arban.

Day 6.
Free time. Swimming, fishing (subject to season).

Day 7.
By boat we will go to Mashukovka village, on the way we will stop in Grafskay (“Earl) cave and will learn about crucial role of the cave in different historical periods – from the Stone Age till WWII.
Arrival in Mashukovka village, visit to Regional museum.
Transfer to Krasnoyarsk.

June - September, November - December, February - March7 days1-2 persons: 1500 Euro per person
3-4 persons: 1300 Euro per person
5-6 persons: 1000 Euro per person

We reserve the right of changes of the tours due to change of weather conditions or other unpredictable circumstances. We can offer individual tours based on your requirements.

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