Free ride in Ergaki and winter Tuva

Ergaki is one of those places where you want to return every season, because the feeling from skiing here, among Siberian nature and the purest mountain air, are incredible. In addition to the excellent freeride on the slopes of Ergaki, you will pass through the winter steppe Khakassia, visit Tuva: you will see the shamanic rituals, stay in the very center of Asia in Kyzyl, and meet old-believers.

You will see how people from the past live and maintain their traditions in taiga. It is not easy to reach them. But once you reach they will treat you to Siberian tea made from herbs, they will teach you to roll traditional Russian felt boots “valenki”, and the lovers of winter fishing will be discover excellent fishing places..
And what breath-taking views are there! The village of Sizim, where we will go, is a real winter fairy tale.

Then you will find yourself on a moose breeding farm where you can try antler baths, ride horses and a snowmobile.

We will complete our indulgence in Siberia in an amazing place, the village of artisans and craftsmen of Petropavlovka. Here you can see how traditional Russian musical instruments are made, how blacksmiths and pottery craftsmen work.
You will be able to participate in traditional Siberian master classes in craftsmanship, listen to the sound of the harp and pipe.



28 January - 8 Fabruary, 201912 days/11 nights2100 euro

We reserve the right of changes of the tours due to change of weather conditions or other unpredictable circumstances. We can offer individual tours based on your requirements.

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