Less than a month before the start of tour “Ust-Taseevsky Idol”

Less than a month is left before the start of our tour “Ust-Taseevsky Idol”. This time instead of standard 7 days it will be 9 days. Special bonus of the tour will be spectacular off-road / Jeep festival “Men’s Games” in Kazachinskoye settlement with further following our own route.

This tour is addressed to those who are interested in the history and nature of Siberia. You will have time-travel for thousands years ago.
Ancient inhabitants who settled down near Taseeva and Angara rivers left behind valuable artifacts, such as an altar for sacrifices. The stone idols being the most northern located Asian monuments still stand here. It’s not easy to find the idols and these places are called “errant” as your compass might not work here. You will have experiments with electromagnetic fields.
Part of the road will be by 4WD followed by panoramic view from ferry and unforgettable forest trails. Swimming and fishing in taiga rivers will add emotions. You will also have a chance to meet old-believers, to see old-Russian way of life in Burny.

Tour will be from 25 May till 2 June, 2018.