Krasnoyarsk from bird-eye view

Overlooking Krasnoyarsk from 600 meters, just half an hour drive from the city center, among million years old rock there is hidden gem “Torgashinsky ridge”. It gives very different perspective of Krasnoyarsk. On one side, you will see Krasnoyarsk from bird-eye view. On the other side, you can see sleeping now proto volcanoes, famous natural reserve “Stolby”, sharp cliffs, picturesque arches carved by Mother-nature. Just below cliffs, the river Bazaikha flows as a silver ribbon. Bright orange trolliuses, fragrant Siberian thyme, tender edelweiss add colors and aromas to the mountain paths. The road along Torgashinsky ridge can be pretty challenging, and our specially prepared 4WD UAZ-Patriot car is all geared up for such trip. To round up that great day on fresh air you can try real Russian sauna “banya” with inbuilt font and polish it with yummy BBQ. “Banya” is located right at the foot of Torgashinsky ridge in the birch grove. Same route can be done by the horse ride (but requires from you a good fit). For more details of mini-tour “Walk along Torgashinsky ridge” please call us +79632602273.