How about indulging in traditional Russian lifestyle?

How about indulging in traditional Russian lifestyle? To take the time machine and jump hundreds of years ago? 30th June – 1st July in Tuva, in the Sizym, the village of old-believers there will be held the Festival of Russian culture “Verkhov’yo”. Folk songs, traditions, workshops of playing harmonica, preparing homemade butter, using the spinning spindle and pottery, all that and more will be on the festival. In order to bring you the best Siberian experience, we combined 2 tours ““Journey to the Center of Asia” and “Trip to old-believers of Kaa-Khem river”. 13 days of an unforgettable trip: journey across 3 Siberian regions, places of powers, thousands years old monuments, ancient barrows, followed by relaxed days in serenity of the old-believers village. The apogee of the trip will be the festival “Verkhov’yo”. One of its kind tour is organized only once a year, so is definitely “not to be missed” event. Only 5 spots are left. Special terms for corporate clients and groups. Start will be 22nd June from Krasnoyarsk, 13 days. Reserve your spot by the phone ‎+79632602273.