Ideas for a winter break in Siberia!

Fresh air, fluffy snow, a Russian sauna “banya” – the perfect picture for the winter holidays, isn’t it? Here are some great ideas on how to spend your epic winter in Siberia:
👍 Husky riding
Just imagine, the six harnessed northern dogs are rushing you along the Siberian slope, as in the video of the Winter Universiade 2019 Have you seen? If not, be sure to take a look. Indescribable feeling. And then a Russian sauna “banya” with a cool font.
⠀ 👍 Walking along the Torgashinsky ridge on horseback
Under the guidance of an experienced instructor you will pass to the most picturesque part: the Red Crest and the Arch. What a view there opens to the winter taiga and Krasnoyarsk! It’s a great spot for a photo session. And then straightaway to Russian “banya”, which is located nearby, among a birch grove.
⠀ 👍 Premium helicopter tour “Krasnoyarsk – Artisans’ Village”
Helicopter will slide over snowy Siberia, starting from Krasnoyarsk, look over the hydropower station and the mighty Yenisei, mountains and forest and land in a fairy tale, flying to the ecological village of Petropavlovka. Its inhabitants not only follow eco standards of living but are passionate and talented artisans too: potters, weavers, blacksmiths. You can try different crafts. Our special recommendation is to see how real harp and pipes are created and listen to how they sound!
⠀ 👍 Forest lodge
You will be accommodated in a real hunting lodge. Relax among mountains, forest-covered slopes, picturesque landscapes. Take with you a good company and great holidays with a Russian sauna and dishes of Siberian gastronomy guarantee you a life-time memory.
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