About Us

Maxim Fomenko – real Siberian, more than 15 years of off-road experience as a member of off-road club, one of persons in Expedition center in Russian Geographic Society (est. 1845, Russian organization that participated in the most expeditions exploring Siberia and Far East), the chairman of NGO “The roads of Siberia” that helps local communities to develop new touristic routes in order to improve the life of remote areas.

Natalia Durbanova, being born and raised in Siberia, has 9 years of living and working abroad. Not only fluent English and Italian, as well as basic Hindi, more importantly she “speaks your language” in terms of mentality.

Irina Yakunina, award-winning photographer (including National Geographic favourite 2018) with 10 years of experience, ready to go extra-mile for nice shot. Apart from taking great pictures Irina is not greedy at all to share her professional secrets the guests who are learning photography art.

Ekaterina Agafonova – talented journalist with 12 years of experience, thanks to her sharp pen our readers can follow all our exciting trips and plans.

And great company of other outdoor professionals, forest rangers, archeologists, historians, ethnograpers, journalists who help us to prepare, to test and to arrange the tours and expeditions.